Saturday, June 14

New Web Site Progress...

I expect the new web site to publish within the next week! With a lot of hard work and sweat over the last few days, I have completed a number of writes and re-writes for pages that will exist on this site.

Most notably I had the pleasure of researching and writing more about Dad for the forthcoming new version of the 'About Lee Carvel' page. Ahh... the miracle of optical scanning which permitted me to scan in newspaper articles and photos about Dad and his artistic views, philosophies, and words. It brought back sweet memories of times together with Dad and being there while he created and polished his artistic masterpieces. You'll have to check out this page when the site goes live. There are included three articles, stories about art, and special tributes in honor of Lee Carvel. I am also including new high quality photos of Dad and a special 'self-portrait' drawing that he did of himself around age 46 yrs old.

Lastly, I have learned a lot about displaying relevant Google Ad's and how to incorporate those and a site-specific Google search box into the web site design. My goal is not to be obtrusive with ad's in the midst of the users' web experience but still permit earnings.

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