Tuesday, January 3

Decision on "To Zazzle or not to Zazzle?"

UPDATE:  We're not pursuing Zazzle at this time.  The payback was too low for the time investment.  We are still interested in getting Lee Carvel's Art into the hands of fans... and better ideas about how to do this at a price point that justifies the effort and covers the print and shipment from a high resolution of the art original.  Thanks!

ORIGINAL:  I'm interested in feedback from our fans of Lee Carvel Art about the Zazzle website.   The artist Lee Carvel (my Dad) only made a limited set of art prints which I have been sharing via our eBay store.  But there are many art pieces for which Dad did not create prints.  Our initial assessment was to share these via high quality digital images that can be turned in to fresh art prints on media of your choosing.  We have a Zazzle store which still needs to be populated with more Lee Carvel art images.  Do you like Zazzle or are there other similar sites that you would prefer?  This question is of special interest as we have uncovered new art pieces that have been out of public view for many years.  Thank you in advance for your comments.  - Lee Jr.