Saturday, September 6

New Lee Carvel Art has been discovered!

It is my pleasure to report that new Lee Carvel art pieces have been recently discovered in family storage outside of the Carvel Studio. These art pieces include a fantastic huge Conan the Barbarian, "Smigel" from Lord of the Rings, Vincent Price portrait, horror art with Eygptian mummies wrapping up a beautiful mistress, and a prized early portrait of the transformation of Thorn -- a central character which Dad created for his movie script. My plan is to capture this art with high resolution digital processing and make it available through our art stores. And to get these on our web site as well. Watch for this soon.

Store Inventory is Coming Soon...

If you have been trying our ORDER ART ONLINE feature at the website, we apologize. We have been delayed in our efforts to complete the inventory and setup of our Art Stores. We DO have the Art Collectibles store up and running under eBay stores (although we plan to do significant updates). But the MAIN and CELEBRITY art stores are not yet complete at zazzle and deviantArt sites. The main delay has been Lee Jr's absolute insistance on exceptional high quality of the digital art images and full preparation of the images for On-Demand printing. In some cases, this has resulted in repeat sessions to capture the art at high resolution. It has also included color enhancement and other techniques for polishing the digital art images prior to upload. Because of the large number of Art pieces, Lee Jr has had been delayed in completing these tasks to properly stock the inventory at each Art store. Please be patient and come back to check our web site for availability. If you have a particular art piece you would like to see uploaded first, please contact him at and he will raise this item up in priority. Again, thank you for your patience.