Wednesday, June 11

A New Beginning...

I have begun on a new and exciting path for the Artist Lee Carvel. Lee Carvel was a consummate artist whose works covered a wide spectrum and variety of inclinations. He was also my Dad who passed away at a too early age of 63 yrs.

Now I am in the process of creating a new web site that brings forth examples of the full array of Lee Carvel's artistic talents for online users to appreciate ( With the talented assistance of Lisa Cameron from Whispering Stars Web Works, this new web site will prove to be both a monument to the art of an incredible individual and a viable side-business for myself and the family.

As an interesting side note, be thankful I rejected my first attempt at this Blog: "Deadman's Canvas - The Living Art of Lee Carvel". Although catchy, it did wear on me and I changed it. I must admit though that Dad would have appreciated that macabre sense of humor!

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