Thursday, June 19

Initial Launch for LeeCarvelArt Web Site

New site has launched! -- alhthough it's not yet completed. We are doing lots of updates to finalize it. I will be working to get partner art stores set up as well and that will take time. In celebration, here's an excerpt from an interview (circa 1983):

Lee Carvel has captured some of the most well-known faces in the world, researching his subject to make the paintings more meaningful. He aims for what he calls "super-realism," making his subjects larger than life. "My competition is the lens," he said. "I hate hearing people say, 'that looks like a photo.” But the artist admitted that this was, in a way, a compliment. "Da Vinci said the greatest accolades should go to the artist that makes a two-dimensional object look three-dimensional."

There's not a great market for one of Quintanar's favorite artistic passions - the nude - in this country, but there is in Europe. "The European market loves art nudes - I'm doing six plates for them," Quintanar said. My favorite subject is girls. I don't see anything obscene in a beautiful woman. In Europe, they treat the woman as the greatest art form." His hope is to be able to do monthly pin-ups for a major magazine, much as artist Alberto Vargas did for Playboy.

Quintanar has turned out figures from the other side of the coin, catering to the fascination monsters hold for people. Quintanar has drawn a good number of creatures and science fiction characters. "We're all fascinated by monsters - there are monsters in our ‘Id’ -- it's a struggle. An artist, to me, is really living out a dream state. He chooses to share that dream."

Here's one for artist Lee Carvel. Thank you for "sharing that dream"... and making us all a part of it.

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